Quick Facts about DFOA
  • 100+  former & current DFOA members are active NCAA football officials
  • Several DFOA officials have become NFL football officials in the past or are currently still officiating in the NFL
  • The DFOA is the largest Middle & High School Officiating Chapter in the North Texas area and the second largest in Texas

Joining the Dallas Football Officials Association (DFOA)

Welcome to the DFOA and Texas middle & high school football. You are about to embark upon an interesting and rewarding journey. We are excited that you are considering joining the DFOA, and we look forward to helping you develop as a football official.

The tradition of Texas high school football is well-known and celebrated throughout Texas and the rest of the Country. However, there is one aspect that typically garners little attention, which is the individuals in the black and white stripes. As a football official, we are responsible for ensuring the fair application of the rules of the games. 

Officiating is a complete 180-degree turn from playing or casually observing a football game. Once you step onto a field as a football official you will never watch the game in the same way. No longer will you focus solely on watching each play overall and focusing only on the ball carrier. Football officials monitor all aspects of every play. In addition, an official must be well-versed in the rules, officiating philosophies and mechanics.

Football officiating allows you to remain involved in athletics, to stay in shape, earn extra money, contribute positively to the youth of Texas, and also make great life-long friends. We look forward to getting to know you and are excited about serving as your guides on the road to becoming a football official. For a more detailed understanding of becoming a Football Official or to Join please click one of our links below.

If you have any further questions about officiating football or joining the DFOA, please contact us via email at recruiting@dfoa.com

Why become an Official?
  • Earn Extra Income ($)
  • Work as much or as little as you like
  • Stay connected to the game you love
  • Free Training

Get in the Game – Make the Right Call!

Please see below on How New Officials can Join the DFOA

Please read instructions below before clicking in the green button below:

    1. When asked, select to register as an “Official” and not a “payor/team”
    2. When asked, select the “DFOA” as the organization you are registering with.
    3. When asked for Registration type – select “New Member”.
    4. Select “2024” as the year you started.
    5. You can ignore any optional not required fields unless you want to enter them.
    6. At the end of the registration, you will be presented an option to pay DFOA dues