DFOA Awards Nomination

Listed below are the DFOA Awards that members can be nominated for.  Please ensure when  nominating someone that they meet the criteria for the award. Simply stating that they have been a member for a long time and are a good person or official etc., is not a sufficient reason nominate them.

Please provide meaningful rationale, including examples if you have them, as to why they should be considered for the specific award you are nominating them for.

  • Percy Penn Award – Presented to an official who has contributed greatly in a leadership role to the Dallas Chapter over an extended period of time. The individual should be well known and respected by fellow officials and coaches alike. In appreciation for outstanding football officiating achievements and contributions. For loyalty, dedication, character and leadership to the athletes, coaches, and fellow officials both on and off the field.


  • James Ivey Award – Presented to a young official who has made outstanding progress in less than five years of officiating.


  • Jack Mears Award – Presented to an official who is a first year transfer into the Dallas Chapter and has contributed greatly to our organization on and off the field


  • Jerry Goldberg Award – Recognizes an official for the most outstanding contributions in the mentoring of beginning officials in keeping with the tradition in the Dallas Chapter, the Mentor’s Award will be presented in the name of Jerry Goldberg. During his career, Jerry was the epitome of an outstanding mentor of beginning officials.


  • DFOA Life Membership Award – Life membership award is awarded to an official who has provided years of outstanding service and leadership to our chapter. Life members are not required to pay dues, attend meetings and is not assigned for on-field assignments.
Please review the DFOA Award definitions at the top of the webpage to select the award you are submitting a nomination for
Please ensure your rationale provided aligns with the description of the award shown at the top of this webpage. Simply stating they have been a member for X years or they are a good person while a good thing is not sufficient to justify the nomination. Please give good justification in your opinion why they should be considered.