The Charles & Marjorie Stephenson Scholarship

Coaches, Athletic Directors and Principals,

The Dallas Football Officials Association (DFOA) is excited to announce the continuation of the awarding of  two (2) scholarships to deserving student-athletes from the Dallas and surrounding region. This year’s Scholarship recipient will be recognized at the DFOA Banquet held each year in November.
The scholarship application can be found by clicking then next button below. The DFOA will accept one application from each school. The recipient of the scholarship will be a student that has demonstrated excellence in the classroom, performance on the football field or in support of the team, leadership in the school and in his community. The needs of the student will be considered as well as a statement from the student regarding the impact of this scholarship will also be reviewed by the committee. There will be no restriction on the area of study the student selects. Equal consideration will be given to students planning to attend a 4-year University, Jr. College or Vocational training school.
To ensure the opportunity for the student to be recognized at their Senior recognition ceremonies all applications should be received by May 1st. By submitting an application, the student authorizes review of the application by all members of the scholarship committee. Announcement of the scholarship recipient will be made on May 7th.
The DFOA has made a commitment to return as much as we can to the students that we have the privilege to serve. We appreciate your confidence in the DFOA and look forward to serving you in the seasons to come.
The DFOA looks forward to reviewing your student’s application. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Dallas Football Officials Association